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Squirt E-bike Chain Wax

Squirt E-Bike chain lube is a wax emulsion lubricant designed for higher rotational force on chains of e-bikes. It has the same base formula as normal Squirt with selected high presurre additives.

Squirt is biodegradable and contains selected waxes performing different functions in an emulsion. It runs at very low resistance.

When applied to the chain it dries, leaving a microfilm of wax that is dry and water repelling. It does not attract dust or debris and stays clean. Unlike oil based lubricants, Squirt E-Bike does not form a black paste that causes long term damage to a drive-train. It stays clean in all conditions, ideal for e-bike drivetrains with higher torques.

  • Contains high-pressure additives
  • Wet & dry conditions
  • Stays clean
  • Reduces chain noise
  • For use on all e-bike chain types
  • Biodegradable, PFAS-free formula, Solvent-free
  • Available in 15ml, 120ml and 500ml

Why it works

Demands on the drive train of an E-bike is higher than on regular bikes. With constant momentum change, continual application of more rotational force and higher total average mass, chains can wear out faster than on regular bikes. Squirt E-Bike lube contains the same basic formula as Squirt Chain Lube with added high-pressure lubricants to restrict disproportionate chain wear. The formula has a layering effect which takes a couple of applications to fully settle into the chain. Only degrease when necessary. Read an independent review of Squirt E-bike Chain Wax here.


What are the differences between Squirt Long Lasting Chain Lube, Low-Temp Chain Lube and E-Bike Chain Wax?2021-05-12T07:42:50+00:00

Squirt Long Lasting Chain Lube is the original, first to market wax/water emulsion chain lube for use above freezing in all conditions. Low-Temperature Chain Lube: Solid wax hardens below freezing point (32℉, 0) impairing lubing function. Low-Temp contains wax modifier that keeps the wax consistency optimal at these temperatures (0℉ to 32℉, -18℃ to 0℃). E-Bike lube contains high-pressure additives to deal with generally higher rotational force on e-bike drive trains. These lubes are interchangeable but the full benefit of each negated without proper de-greasing when changing.

My Squirt E-Bike Chain Wax is much thicker than when I bought it. What’s wrong with it?2021-05-12T07:43:32+00:00

Squirt E-Bike Chain Wax should be stored between 40℉ and 95℉ with the cap on. If it freezes (below 32℉, 0℃) or dries out, it becomes thick. It can be restored to a creamy liquid by adding a little water and shaking it up (normally about 10% of water).

Do I need to de-grease my chain before I start using Squirt E-Bike Chain Wax for the first time?2023-07-05T14:51:02+00:00

Yes. All Squirt Chain Lubes and chain wax should be started on a clean, properly de-greased and dry chain. Factory grease on a new chain should be removed with organic solvent if needed. A second application five minutes after the first is recommended when starting out with Squirt.

How do I apply Squirt E-Bike Chain Wax?2023-07-05T14:52:01+00:00

First time user:
1. Completely remove factory grease and other lubricants from your chain using a degreaser.
2. Rinse your chain with clean water and let it dry.
3. Follow the application instructions below and repeat after 5 minutes.

Application Instructions:
1. Shake bottle and apply to inside of DRY chain while turning the cranks.
2.Do not wipe off.
3. Allow chain to dry completely before cycling – especially in wet conditions. Do not degrease again.

How often should I re-lube with E-Bike Chain Wax?2023-07-05T14:52:51+00:00

It depends on riding conditions. In general, when you start hearing a dry chain noise, re-application is already due. In wet, muddy conditions it will not last as long as in dry-dust free conditions. In general, from 30 to 300 miles on one application – the chain will stay clean. If you expect riding in wet conditions, lube your chain the day before if possible.

How often should I de-grease the chain when I’ve been using Squirt E-Bike Chain Wax?2023-07-05T14:54:06+00:00

De-greasing is not necessary when you’ve been using Squirt E-Bike Chain Wax. It does not form a black build-up like oils that traps dirt to accelerate chain wear. It does not smudge and stays dry. Brush off with dry brush if needed and remove occasional build-up from rear derailleur wheels with a toothpick.

We generally do not advise too frequent deep-cleaning as it removes all embedded wax from inside the chain and a two-coat reapplication of the lube will be required as per the application instructions.  However, cleaning should be handled on a case-by-case basis such as when you hear the chain grinding after a muddy ride, because this implies that excessive dirt entered the chain that needs to be washed out.


On bike cleaning

For on-bike cleaning, usually two rounds using a clamp-on type cleaner (such as Park Tool CG-2.4) and our Squirt biodegradable Bike Cleaner product is adequate. Rinse well with clean water and reapply two coats of lube as per the application instructions.


Thorough Cleaning

For a more intensive clean, use about 1-2 litres of boiling water and pour slowly over the bottom span of the chain (between the rear derailleur and chainring) while turning the cranks backwards.  This melts the wax and rinses it out of the chain together with trapped dirt.  Follow this up with a couple rounds using the clamp-on type cleaner until the cleaning solution is not visibly dirty anymore.  Always rinse well with clean water and reapply two coats of lube as per the application instructions.


Deep Cleaning

For deep cleaning, the chain can be removed and degreased with a couple of rounds of soaking/shaking/rinsing in an organic solvent like kerosene or white spirits or a dedicated degreaser product.  Follow this up with a rinse in solvent like IPA (Isopropyl Alcohol) or methylated spirits to remove any possible residue left by the degreasers and reapply two coats of lube as per the application instructions.  Discard all chemicals in an environmentally responsible way.  Specialist workshops have ultrasonic cleaners that work well, and the user instruction of the device should be followed.

Will Squirt Chain Lube separate when left standing for long periods?2023-07-05T14:24:51+00:00

All our chain lubes are biodegradable wax/water emulsions together with additives to prevent component wear. We continually monitor the quality of the waxes we use to ensure we meet the highest standards and legislative compliance. Using newer generation fully refined waxes can result in natural separation of the emulsion if left standing for long periods of time. If you find that your bottle of Squirt Chain Lube has a visible separation layer in the bottom,  this is normal.  When shaken well before application, this does not affect the performance of the lube.  For optimal performance, follow the user application instructions on the bottle label or on the section in this FAQ.

What is the shelf life of Squirt E-Bike Chain Wax?2023-07-05T14:31:52+00:00

If stored under recommended conditions, the lube will last for many years.

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