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Squirt Barrier Balm

Squirt Barrier Balm is a protective balm that contains natural ingredients that forms an invisible microfilm on skin. It is the best anti-chafing and protection balm for cycling and endurance sports.

  • Protects against chafing and irritations
  • Helps prevent fissures
  • Water & Sweat Resistant
  • Neoprene & Multisport friendly
  • Available in 6g sachet for your backpack, 20g and 100g pot
  • You can read an independent review of Squirt Barrier Balm here.


Barrier Balm was developed to offer long lasting skin protection during sport. It has a more solid consistency, stays on the skin longer and repels moisture. It also assists in preventing skin infection. Lanolin is a natural wax derived from sheep’s wool. It adheres to skin effectively and does not wash off easily. It is the best anti-chafing balm to prevent skin chafing and irritation and more so on ultra endurance events.


How does Barrier Balm differ from other chamois creams?2021-05-12T07:55:00+00:00

Barrier Balm is not aqueous cream based. It is a more fatty, high lanolin containing balm which is water repelling. It stays on skin longer and  protects for the duration of an ultra-endurance event in wet or dry conditions.

I left my Barrier Balm in a hot car and it was liquified. Can I still use it?2021-05-12T07:55:37+00:00

Lanolin melts at 100℉ to 107℉ (38℃ to 41℃). It can still be applied to skin in liquid form. When it cools down again it will set to the original consistency unchanged. Store at room temperature.

My Barrier Balm becomes more solid in the cold making it hard to apply. What can I do?2022-06-03T13:34:09+00:00

This is a characteristic of pure lanolin. Once it’s in contact with skin and warms up it softens making applying easier. It can be difficult to apply in very cold conditions though. Storing at room temperature is recommended.

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