Sponsorships & Initiatives



The National Interscholastic Cycling Association is an American non-profit organization founded in 2009 that promotes high school mountain biking programs in the United States. NICA provides governance, leadership, and program support to regional high school mountain biking organizations.

Supporting NICA on the league level presented Squirt with an opportunity to become involved on grass-roots level. This meant we could sponsor individual leagues to offer the best possible support. Product is also supplied to directors to use for race support and tech-zones. In the hands of coaches, Squirt also contributes on educational level. An annual school support program where one school team per league can win a Squirt product sponsorship for all their member athletes forms part of NICA’s vision to get more kids onto bikes. NICA has expanded significantly during the past few years and has 31 registered leagues, coast to coast.

You can read more about NICA here.


Bike care and maintenance is a very important aspect to learn from a young age and we at Squirt Cycling Products are proud about our association with the oldest school in the Southern Cape town of George (also home to Squirt Cycling Products) in South Africa. The kids from Blanco School all use Squirt Cycling Products to ensure that their bikes are kept in tip-top shape as they prepare for local competitions (many of which they often take top honours in).

Our products are tried, tested and trusted by some of the biggest names in the world of mountain biking such as Julien Absalon, Rudi Van Houts, Bart Brentjens, Alan Hatherly, Robyn de Groot, Ariane Luthi and Mariske Strauss, Stefan Garlicki, Bradley Weiss or Johann Potgieter (to name but a few), and whether the kids from Blanco School have ambitions to be superstars or just enjoy riding their bikes, we are committed to giving them the products which they need to make keeping their bikes riding smoothly as hassle-free as possible, whilst still taking care of the environment due to our “Clean Conscience, Clean Bike,” properties of our products. It’s all about sharing the stoke whilst on two wheels and we wish the future of mountain biking at Blanco School all of the very best!


Songo.info Is a sport and academic programme focused on creating a long-term impact for the children in Kayamandi, Stellenbosch. Through providing a safe space for children to play on bikes, Squirt Cycling Products provide songo.info with bike care products to take care and maintain their bicycles, to make sure they are in full working conditions and last long.  Products that we sponsor are Chain Lube and Bike Cleaner

The Cape Trails programme is a youth development initiative. The member develops trails for riding and do alien clearance of evasive plant species. They are also contracted to provide services during certain events. Squirt Cycling Products uses their services during FNB W2W event, as well as other events that take place on the Cape Trails, which the team has worked on. They provide their services in the bike wash facilities and waterpoints along the routes, where chain lube is provided for the riders. We also provide them with some Squirt products for their bicycles.

The Velokhaya Cycling Academy uses cycling, education and mentoring, to support youth living in impoverished communities to access opportunities on and off the bike. Squirt Cycling Products provide Velokhaya Cycling Academy with bike care products to take care and maintain their bicycles, to make sure they are in full working conditions, and that the youth in the programme are able to access the opportunities provided.

Change a life Academy was started to help combat the scourge of crime and to strive for a hopeful future for all South Africans. Squirt Cycling Products provide bike care products for the team, as while supporting the beneficiaries (Martin and Jeannie Dreyer) that are supporting the members of the Change a Life community with products.

Knysna Trails  Squirt Cycling Products helps with maintaining the trails and the events in and around Knysna.

Zoar Cycling Community The aim of the programme is to provide fun and healthy activities for the youth of Zoar to take part in. Giving them a reason to avoid turning to alcohol and drugs, to use a positive outlet for their energy. Developing their self-worth in a safe space. Squirt Cycling Products provides bike care products for the programme as well as for the Tour de Zoar Charity event that takes place during the year.

Kusaselihle Nigidi (Individual Development Rider) KZN Development rider, who takes place in Cross-country and Marathon races. Squirt Cycling Products supports him with bike care products for his cycling journey.