Squirt Chain Lube becomes the “Official Chain Lube of Choice,” of CyclingCeramic Chains

Hunting for speed in today’s cycling day-and-age has become a common goal for any competitive cyclist, and saving watts is by now possible through careful selection of purpose-made components and watt-saving chain lubricants.

Viewed as a well-matched partnership, Squirt Chain Lube and CyclingCeramic announced their partnership on Wednesday 2nd May 2018.

Cycling Ceramic launched its racing chain in 2017 and quickly became a ‘must,’ for many triathletes, road cyclists and mountain bikers, with the sole objective of reducing watts, whilst not compromising on the drivetrain lifespan.

For that, CyclingCeramic first individually degrease each chain and then applies a proprietary process which could see a bike saving many watts compared to a classic chain. As this treatment lasts for only one race, CyclingCeramic were on the hunt for the best chain lube which would enable their customers to enjoy the chain once the treatment was depleted.

Squirt Chain Lube has been approved by the historic independent Lab, “Friction Facts,” as the fastest lubricant on the market for more than 10 years and naturally, CyclingCeramic wish to offer the many athletes who want to improve their performance, the best components and lubricants.

CyclingCeramic Manager, Yohann Proust is quoted on saying, “We want to offer all our customers the best products in the world. This is done through our partnership with the world’s leading chain lubricant Squirt. Tested and approved as the fastest lubricant in the world, far ahead of all of it’s competitors, we wish to achieve the same today with our racing chain and we aim that our collaboration will not stop there. We are already studying several options that can revolutionize the reduction of the lost watts of a bicycle. A growing development to bring CyclingCeramic even closer to the world’s top level.”  And according to Danie Van Wyk, Global Marketing Director for Squirt, “Squirt are proud to announce our association as the Official Chain Lube of Choice to CyclingCeramic. We believe in aligning ourselves with global brands who share our vision in creating clean, watt-saving, friction-friendly, long-lasting products which are suited to even the highest calibre of endurance and elite athletes. Athletes applying Squirt Cycling Products (Squirt Chain Lube, Bike Cleaner, Barrier Balm and TyreSEAL), to their bike/ persons can be certain that the product which they are relying upon has been thoroughly tested and proven at the pinnacle of our sport and having said that, we believe in performance testing but also in the power of building lasting relationships with our athletes and customers by providing the best possible products, now and in the years to come,”.


More about CyclingCeramic:

All our components that make up the high performance CyclingCeramic ceramic bearings are designed and assembled in our company in central France. The design stage is carried out by us and allows to have products that comply with the different manufacturers on the market.

Each piece is developed and designed by us to meet the performance requirements of World Tour teams. The precision of our work makes it possible to obtain products of high quality corresponds to 100% with your bike and the requirements of the athletes.

All our derailleur rollers and bottom brackets are made of 7075 aluminium in France and Spain. Our CNC machines are ISO certified and meet many aeronautical and military standards. Each piece is machined with a tolerance of (0.02mm). This allows for precisely adjusted parts and guarantees maximum reliability. Each piece is then anodized to protect the aluminium and create a durable surface that can meet the high demands of a bike transmission.

More about Squirt Cycling Products (Bikinvention2CC):

Bikinvention is a corporation that has developed a wax chain lubricant with unique properties called Squirt Chain Lube®. We also produce a concentrated biodegradable bike cleaner (Squirt Bike Cleaner®), a long lasting application for skin protection on endurance events (Squirt Barrier Balm®), a puncture sealant that will seal every air leak or puncture (SquirtSEAL®), and a highly functional sweat removal device (SweatSucker® and SLURP®), and the first high-end chains on the market to be pre-lubed and sold ‘ready to use,’ (Squirt Coated Chain®).

Squirt is involved in a number of activities to promote cycling, adventure racing, running and multi-sport around the world.

We strive to produce products that are thoroughly tested and accepted by the cycling and sports fraternity as functional and of high quality.

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