Squirt Long Lasting Dry lube is available for distribution in countries where there are no current distributors as per our distributors page.


Order Quantities:
To minimize the cost of shipping per unit, distributor stock has to be acquired in large volumes. The minimum order quantity is 3000 units of Squirt lubricant and 500 Sweatsuckers (buying both is not essential).


Shipping is via surface and is dispatched DDU (Delivered, Duty Unpaid) – the importer has to pay the VAT and import duty. We carry a EUR1 certificate, which qualifies the importer for a reduced import duty into Europe. Import duty varies from country to country. Lead time is approximately two months from date of first payment.


Payment is as follows: 50% payment with placing of order and 50% with shipping. Shipping will be authorized once full payment is received or as pre-arranged.


For current pricing please send your login code and request to


Online Application to become a distributor: 
To obtain information on how to become a distributor, please complete your details on this application form below.