Buckle up for another season of grit, teamwork and global conquest! Squirt Cycling Products is pleased to announce the continuation of our partnership with the Adventure Racing World Series (ARWS) in 2024.

The ARWS is the premier, global adventure racing series, featuring the toughest and most prestigious events in the sport. ARWS races combine running, trekking, mountain biking, paddling, and orienteering in a non-stop, multi-day format, testing the limits of physical and mental endurance.

“After a spectacular 2023, we are elated to continue our partnership with Squirt Cycling Products in 2024! The AR World Series events take place in some of the most remote parts of our planet and Squirt always makes a plan – in conjunction with their distributors – to get their products to our events on time despite some major logistical challenges. This is especially important as our AR athletes have come to love and appreciate Squirt Products, relying on them to get the racers through the toughest of conditions while still being biodegradable so as to leave no trace” says ARWS CEO Heidi Muller.

With 69 races spread over 6 continents, the ARWS attracts the world’s top adventure racers offering them a platform to showcase their skills and compete for the coveted ARWS World Championship title as crowning glory.

“It is an enormous privilege to have Squirt on board yet again for all the ARWS events around the world. From the jungles of Ecuador to the snow-covered slopes of Oregon, the Fjords of the Nordic Isles, the wide-open deserts of Namibia, the turquoise waters of Croatia, the high mountains in South Africa and everything in between – one thing is sure, Squirt is there, and Squirt is needed, providing products that are so critical in a sport that tests your everything – your resolve, your gear, your desire, and so much more – just the way we love it!” says ARWS No Fuss, No Frills race director Robert Le Brun.

Benefits of Squirt Cycling Products for AR World Series Participants:

For the demanding conditions of the ARWS, where racers often spend days traversing challenging landscapes, trust in and reliability of products are paramount. Squirt Long-Lasting Chain Lube offers just that. It has a proven track record of longevity, reduces chain friction, keeps your bicycle chain clean and will not create a grinding paste, thus prolonging the life of the bicycle’s drivetrain. An added bonus is that it is biodegradable, as is the case with all of Squirt Cycling’s products.

Chafing can derail even the most determined racer, but Squirt’s Barrier Balm is the answer to defeating this scourge. Our unique formula, enriched with lanolin and tea tree oil, forms a protective microfilm that shields skin from the relentless abrasion of clothing, shoes, and gear. Water-repellent and long-lasting, it’s the endurance athlete’s secret weapon against blisters, rashes, and discomfort. With Squirt Barrier Balm, racers can focus on the course, not their skin.

“The combination of Squirt Lube and Barrier Balm allows ARWS athletes to conquer continents, paddle through rapids, navigate treacherous terrain, and scale dizzying heights. They can focus on pushing their limits and strategizing their next move, knowing their equipment is performing optimally. Squirt Cycling is proud to be part of their journey,” says marketing director Danie van Wyk. “We will be providing premium quality, biodegradable products that are in line with our, and the ARWS’s values of sustainability and care for the communities and environment we play in”.

To find out more about the ARWS or to plan your next adventure visit: https://www.arworldseries.com/.

Whether you’re an ARWS champion or a weekend warrior, Squirt Cycling Products has your back. Experience the difference our products can make in your next adventure. Visit our website, https://www.squirtcyclingproducts.com/ to learn more!